Is It Cheaper to Buy Land and Build A House

Is It Cheaper to Buy Land and Build A House?

Ah yes, it never looked like it was coming, but it’s here. You used to admire adults who did it, but it didn’t go so well for you when you first tried it out. You always wondered how they did it but now it’s working out for you. You’re now the adult who looks like they have nailed down the adulating part.

Part of being an adult is deciding what to do when you want to get your first home. There are many options available to you, but you still just have to wonder; is it cheaper to buy land and build a house, or is it just better to buy?



This all comes down to your preferences. Are you looking to build a house that’s a bit detached from your neighbors and in areas where there’s less traffic? Or are you looking to build somewhere close to the city?

Obviously, land that’s quite close to a city will be more expensive than land that’s farther away from the city. And then there’s the issue of permits. Yes, you may have a certain idea in mind, but would the local council and other by-laws allow you to build it?

Before even embarking on purchasing the land, try and find out whether the area is suitable for what you want to build. You may also need to find out if the area has all the amenities necessary to fulfill requirements for building permits.

If you have children, that will also matter a lot. Getting them to a school may be some hustle and hassle if you live far away from where they school. And as a parent, you definitely do not want them going to any school, you will want the best for them. That will mean living in a great school district.

You’re not the only parent who knows this. Land in great school districts is always more expensive than other areas away from the city.

It is cheaper to buy land away from the city, but the custom location will determine by how much.


Construction and Design

The thing about building your own home is the fact that it allows you to design the home as best as you can, and with all the design cues you can think of… and that’s the hill that most people will die on. Every little thing will require you to make a decision, from the tiles, to the fittings, to the type of bulbs you’ll use in the house. The decisions to make will be aplenty.

Also, having the freedom to design the house as you want is usually accompanied by various forms of double mindedness. The original design may not have included a hot tub, but somehow you now want one. That means extra expenses to add to the original plans, and then to build. These decisions have to be made beforehand.

If you choose to hire a contractor to do things for you, this may be significantly expensive in comparison to when you are your own building contractor, only hiring subcontractors to handle the work for you.


So, is it cheaper to buy land and build a house? Possibly…

All of this will be dependent on the choices you make as a homeowner.

So, come find your custom home builder today!