Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Home and Business Building


  • Is a construction loan the same as a mortgage?

Short answer… no. You normally do not want to go to your mortgage broker for a construction loan when you’re building a custom home or business. Going to the right place for construction loan will save you a lot of time and headache.

[Note: We are not financial advisers and hold no responsibility for how you go about funding your project.]


  • I already have a lot to build on, how can one of Custom Home Building Fanatics partners help me?

No matter where you are in the custom home building process, one of Custom Home Building Fanatics partners can more than likely help!


  • What does it cost to build a custom home or business? Is there a price per square foot?

There are many variables, such as site condition, architectural design and level of finish. After one of our local partners initially discuss these variables with you, they will more than likely be able to give you a general idea of cost per square foot.


  • Do I need my own lot?

Many of our customers have a lot or land when they come to us for a custom home or business, but there are others that do not yet have land. They will more than likely be happy to help you with figuring out where to look for getting land.


  • How long does it normally take to build a custom home or business?

There are many variables that go into this, depending on weather, size, complexity and location. One of our partners will be able to inform you further on this.


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