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Custom Home Building Fanatics is a team of enthusiastic contractors and builders who exist to make your dream come true in the case of a custom home.

Our specialty is working with clients and understanding what they want and ensuring that that’s just what they get.

We are also highly qualified and are inspired by the ability of putting a smile on client’s faces by delivering quality and fully customized home regardless of the client’s ambitiousness. We also offer comprehensive consultation services!


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Our company has built a rich reputation when it comes to offering custom building services. If you want your dream home to be unique like no other, then a qualified and experienced team of builders will be required.

Our team has the expertise and experience when it comes to building a customized home as described by you.

Customized homes are not that easy of a stunt to pull off as they require your close management and also consultations with the builders every now and then. You see in the case of a fully customized home; most builders might be unable to bring their best foot forward as they are limited to what they can offer. This becomes tough for them as they are used to building ordinary homes.

A one-of-a-kind house needs more attention in each and every aspect of it. From the individual rooms to other parts of the house like the walls and even the floors. You would not want them mixed with what does not appeal to what you deem to be your dream house.

Fully Customized Homes

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and you will notice this from our actions.

Although the task at hand can be quite complicated, you will get satisfied every time you view the home. Guests and friends alike will fall in love with your idea of a dream house once it has been put up. In the case of such a house you become part of the building team albeit in the capacity of a consultant.

Your ideas and thoughts will be highly considered as you are tailoring your home just as you want it to be.

Such a house needs the best team of contractors and builders to accomplish, which we have at our disposal. They should be able to heed to what you desire and have the ability of implementing just that rather than building an ordinary home whilst just considering their own idea of a dream house.

An excellent choice of a team should be able to come along with quality and highly efficient tools and equipment that will get the job done tremendously well.

Your Dream Home

We do not live the site until you are satisfied with your dream home! Your dream home must surely come from a vision deep within you that inspired you to build the house. As such you will not be satisfied internally until you are able to implement the idea in terms of the real world basis.

A great building team is one that has the capability of building your home using project instructions that you yourself give. There are few of custom home builders who are able to accomplish this as they understand what having your home suiting your needs means to you.

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